Feb. 4, 2016Jeffrey G. Baxter, Iowa Banking Law Blog, Iowa Real Estate & Land Use Blog

The Deed of Trust is the primary security document used in Arizona. There are many similarities between the Deed of Trust and the Mortgage, which is what most Iowa property owners are familiar with, but there are significant differences as well, which a prospective owner should be aware of before buying in Arizona.

Feb. 2, 2016Mollie Pawlosky, Iowa Banking Law Blog

Because State Central simply had the general duty “to use reasonable care, diligence, and judgment in procuring the insurance requested by an insured,” summary judgment was appropriate in State Central’s favor.

Feb. 2, 2016Mollie Pawlosky, Iowa Banking Law Blog

In L40 Cattle Company, LLC v. Prins Insurance, Inc., No. 15-0232 (Iowa Court of Appeals, Jan. 27, 2016), L40 Cattle sued Prins Insurance, a procurer of insurance, for negligence, breach of contract, and breach of fiduciary duty in failing to ensure that L40 retained or obtained workers’ compensation coverage, after L40 paid a monetary settlement […]

Jan. 29, 2016Mollie Pawlosky, Iowa Banking Law Blog

The Court found “all liens” to be ambiguous in its context. “All liens” did not necessarily mean “all liens,” because of the “location of the phrase within a statute that appears to narrowly govern certain judgments [which] imposes an obligation of further analysis to determine the objective meaning of the statute.”

Jan. 28, 2016Benjamin D. Bruner, Iowa Banking Law Blog

Failure to provide for airspace access rights in the loan documentation may leave your drones grounded.

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