Sep. 11, 2012Russell L. Samson, Iowa Employer Law Blog
Employer drug testing

Iowa Court of Appeals decision guides employers on post-accident drug testing measures.

Mar. 1, 2012William R. Stiles, Iowa Real Estate & Land Use Blog
Court upholds twenty-one year limit on restrictive covenants; denies homeowners’ association the right to levy assessment

The Iowa Court of Appeals recently denied a homeowners’ association the right to levy assessments for common area maintenance and repair because the covenants creating the right to do so were over twenty-one years old.

Feb. 3, 2012The Dickinson Law Newsroom, Iowa LLC Blog
Delaware court issues key opinion on fiduciary duties owed to LLC members

On January 27, 2012, the Delaware Chancery Court issued a 75-page opinion explaining how fiduciary duties are owed by a manager to an LLC’s members absent an expressed limitation or elimination in the operating agreement.

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