Feb. 16, 2015John E. Lande, Iowa Banking Law Blog

Banks continue to be on the frontline for cyberattacks; latest revelation of worldwide security breaches highlight the scope and magnitude of cyber-threats that banks face.

Jan. 27, 2015John E. Lande, Iowa Banking Law Blog

…Target may have violated Minnesota’s Plastic Card Security Act. The law governs company retention of customer information. The court concluded that since Target is based in Minnesota the law applies to Target transactions regardless of whether they occur in Minnesota or not.

Jan. 23, 2015John E. Lande, Iowa Banking Law Blog

The Truth in Lending Act allows consumers to rescind certain loans within three days of consummation of the loan if they receive TILA disclosures, and up to three years after the date of the transaction if no disclosures are provided.

Jan. 20, 2015John E. Lande, Iowa Real Estate & Land Use Blog

With so many landowners affected by construction of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline, it is very likely that Energy Transfer Partners will have to exercise one of the more controversial powers available under Iowa law—eminent domain.

Nov. 19, 2014John E. Lande, Iowa Banking Law Blog

Banks should be aware that the Court will likely issue a decision that gives borrowers the ability to send a letter rescinding their loan transactions.

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