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Apr. 10, 2015William B. Serangeli, Iowa Banking Law Blog

Recognizing the importance of the issue before it, the Iowa Supreme Court placed the banks’ appeals on an expedited track.

Apr. 2, 2015John E. Lande, Iowa Banking Law Blog, Iowa Real Estate & Land Use Blog

Bank of America challenges ruling that gives the bankruptcy court authority to strip off second mortgages when the collateral’s value is less than the debt owed on the first mortgage.

Apr. 2, 2015Jeffrey G. Baxter, Iowa Banking Law Blog, Iowa Real Estate & Land Use Blog

The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act expired on December 31, 2014, making it easier for purchasers of a residential property following foreclosure to evict a tenant residing in it.

Mar. 25, 2015Russell L. Samson, Iowa Employer Law Blog

Nonexempt employees who receive bonuses or commissions may under the law be entitled to receive a premium over and above the amount of the commission or the bonus if there were “overtime hours” worked during the period covered by the commission or the bonus.

Mar. 25, 2015John E. Lande, Iowa Banking Law Blog

The CFPB’s new rules on arbitration clauses could put the liberal federal policy favoring arbitration clauses at loggerheads with deference to agency decision-making.

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