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Jul. 29, 2014Patrick E. Shanahan, Iowa Employer Law Blog

The EEOC both takes seriously and regularly enforces its position that “[c]ustomer preference is not a defense to a claim of discrimination.”

Jul. 22, 2014Sara R. Laughlin, Iowa Employer Law Blog

Pregnancy alone is not a disability under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) or the Iowa Civil Rights Act (ICRA).

Jun. 26, 2014Russell L. Samson, Iowa Employer Law Blog

Still no standard as to whether, or when, off-duty profanity toward your boss in front of customers is or may be protected under the National Labor Relations Act

Jun. 16, 2014Russell L. Samson, Iowa Employer Law Blog

Iowa ESGR would have employers remind supervisory employees that an employer cannot “ding, dismiss, demote or give demerit points based on military obligations

Jun. 10, 2014DMTH Employment Law Group, Iowa Employer Law Blog

The penalties for misclassification of a summer intern can be harsh.

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