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Jan. 14, 2014Russell L. Samson, Iowa Employer Law Blog

If Iowa ever legalizes the recreational use of marijuana with the same language the state of Colorado used, read on to learn what that would mean for private employers.

Oct. 24, 2012Sara R. Laughlin, Iowa Employer Law Blog
Time off work to vote

Iowa law requires employers to give an employee paid time off from work to vote in an election under certain, limited circumstances.

Sep. 12, 2012Russell L. Samson, Iowa Employer Law Blog
Employer drug testing

Iowa employers should review all written drug testing policies given recent Appeals Court decision.

Apr. 17, 2012Joan M. Fletcher, Iowa Employer Law Blog
Federal court sides with employer on OSHA statute of limitations issue

In a recently decided case, AKM LLC, d.b.a Volks Constructors v. Secretary of Labor, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit sided with the employer on the issue of whether OSHA’s record keeping requirement and five year regulatory retention period allows OSHA to disregard the Act’s six month statute of limitations period.

Jan. 3, 2012The Dickinson Law Newsroom, Iowa Employer Law Blog
Iowa employers resolve to be compliant in 2012

Iowa employers who have made New Year’s resolutions to clean up personnel files and ensure compliance with I-9 requirements can gain some free assistance from USCIS in January 2012.

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