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Jul. 1, 2015Jill R. Jensen-Welch, Iowa Banking Law Blog, Iowa Employer Law Blog

DOL proposal is aimed at increasing the minimum salary level that must be paid in order for certain workers to be considered exempt from overtime provisions.

Jun. 25, 2015Russell L. Samson, Iowa Employer Law Blog

GINA absolutely prohibits employers from discriminating in employment based on genetic information.

Jun. 25, 2015Russell L. Samson, Iowa Employer Law Blog

Employers should favor the broader societal policy expressed in the general discrimination laws as amplified by the courts.

Jun. 24, 2015Russell L. Samson, Iowa Employer Law Blog

While there can indeed be judicial review of the question of whether the EEOC complied with its obligation to attempt conciliation, the filing of a motion questioning whether that obligation was met does nothing but provide a slight delay to litigation.

Jun. 17, 2015Melissa A. Schilling, Iowa Employer Law Blog

The Iowa Supreme Court found that surveillance materials are protected from disclosure by the work product doctrine.

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