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From Our Clients...

“I am greatly appreciative of the work performed on my behalf. That I would need good legal representation, and a day in court, was never something I envisioned. Not only did they well prepare me for court, but they put in place an excellent defense, where we won on all points."
"In addition to helping their clients to achieve their goals, Dickinson Law provides the most cost effective legal opinions and directions to their clients. They helped me to solve my problem in the most cost effective way, rather than through lengthy procedures.”
“The attorneys at Dickinson Law helped us see around corners and understand what was coming. As the case progressed, they prepared us for what we could expect and reassured us throughout.”
"The attorneys of Dickinson Law are excellent lawyers and consummate professionals. Equally important, they possess great personal integrity and character. The fact is, they are not only good lawyers but good people.”
“I worked with [Dickinson] to negotiate my divorce. [My attorney] was extremely competent, accessible, honest, and personally engaging. She explained the realities to me and protected my resources and investments. She was also sensitive to personal and family issues." 

Spotlight on Banking & Financial Services Law

The banking law attorneys at Dickinson, Mackaman, Tyler & Hagen, P.C. counsel more than 90 banks and financial institutions doing business in Iowa. Among Iowa-based law firms, we have one of the largest teams of attorneys providing legal services to the state's community banks.

News & Alerts

IRS to Halt ERC Processing

The IRS issued a moratorium on processing new Employee Retention Credit (“ERC”) claims due to evidence suggesting a growing number of improper claims being filed. The moratorium began on September 14, 2023, and is effective until, at least, December 31, 2023. Our firm has since been inundated with questions...

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Warning: Employment Tests Can Be Hazardous to the Bottom Line and Cause Headaches

The EEOC announced recently a nationwide class action lawsuit it filed against Walmart on September 11, 2023, in the Western District of Arkansas, over an employment test that allegedly discriminated against disabled employees. It caught my attention because I abhor employment tests.    Although question...

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