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Banks Beware: Massive Phishing Attack in Progress!

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Posted on 08/16/2018 at 08:12 AM by Jesse Johnston

Tech security and research firm Cofense issued a report on August 15 warning of a change in Necurs botnet activity of which banks should be aware. 

For months, the Necurs botnet has been sending out spam email that most users would recognize as spam, selling pharmaceuticals, for example.  However, Cofense is reporting that the Necurs botnet has sent a phishing email to approximately 2,700 different banks with email subjects such as “Payment Advice” and “Request BOI”.  Attached to the phishing emails are a Microsoft Publisher file that contains malicious code that will install remote access software onto the bank network.  Banks should advise their employees to be aware of these phishing attempts.  As this blog has covered, phishing attacks can lead to substantial losses.  Employers should provide regular and comprehensive training for employees regarding cyber-security, which should address email phishing scams.

The material in this blog is not intended, nor should it be construed or relied upon, as legal advice. Please consult with an attorney if specific legal information is needed.

- Jesse Johnston

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