Iowa Gambling and Gaming Law



A variety of federal and state laws govern the legality of gaming. In Iowa alone, casino gaming occurs in twenty casinos licensed by the Racing and Gaming Commission and three tribal casinos. 

Approximately 2,400 licensed retail locations sell Iowa Lottery products throughout the state. Additionally, there are numerous entities authorized by permit to conduct social and charitable gaming. There are also thousands of registered amusement devices regulated by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals. 

Dickinson attorneys have successfully worked with both regulators and licensed entities. Our expertise guide those seeking to ensure gaming activities within (and outside) the state of Iowa operate with integrity. Our efforts have been recognized both within the state of Iowa and on an international level.

Our attorneys understand the complexity of maintaining profitable and secure gaming operations. We can provide valuable assistance and advice on gambling and gaming law matters.

You may be seeking legal guidance with regulatory compliance, legally managing a profitable gambling business. Perhaps you would like to better understand the legal aspects of the gaming industry. 

Image of Attorney Robert K. Porter of Dickinson Law. Porter specializes in gambling and gaming law.Contact Attorney Robert K. Porter. Rob specializes in labor and employment law, licensing and administrative law, gambling and gaming law, and more. He is also a regular contributor to Dickinson’s Iowa Employer Law Blog.

Rob’s prior experience includes serving as general counsel or corporate counsel to organizations in highly regulated industries. He has also worked as in-house counsel for a university and represented public officials in a variety of settings. Rob has also worked in private practice. This unique set of insights and experiences allows Rob to provide the best possible guidance for your organization.