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Dickinson's Des Moines, Iowa-based attorneys have extensive experience representing clients requiring legal counseling on multimedia publishing law. Clients engaged in publishing consumer titles as well as business-to-business titles have found the expertise of Dickinson’s publishing law attorneys to be extremely helpful. Publishers today are content creators with multiple platforms for distribution. Those platforms may include print, dedicated websites, email, video, social networking websites and other increasingly complex media distribution platforms.  More than 20 years of working with content creating media clients has given our attorneys a wealth of experience with multimedia and publishing law. This experience has made our attorneys skilled in anticipating and solving problems that arise in connection with these platforms.  We are able to provide the same business law services available to all our clients, but tailor many of those services to the publishing and media business.  Examples are as follows:

  • Protecting intellectual property – including copyrights, trademarks, service marks and trade secrets – is important for all businesses, but for clients in publishing and multimedia distributions, creating content and protecting the exclusive rights to distribute that content is the core asset of the business. Dickinson’s publishing and media attorneys advise clients and assist them in enforcing rights to their intellectual property that may be infringed upon by others.
  • Our attorneys audit client websites and electronic commerce activities for compliance with laws regulating electronic commerce such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Children’s Online Privacy Protective Act.  We also review terms of use and privacy policies to ensure they provide adequate protections in the context of current regulations and laws.
  • The firm is prepared to assist publishing and media clients with complex tax issues often created by multimedia distribution networks.
  • Our attorneys represent and advise publishing and media clients on all types of business transactions, including acquisitions, mergers and dispositions.

For more information about the firm’s experience with and services for the publishing and media industry, please contact Fred Schneider or Amy Plummer.

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