Schools & Universities


Dickinson’s education attorneys share nearly 50 years of experience representing or serving on the boards of Iowa’s schools. We have well developed expertise in the law affecting K-12 public and private institutions, community colleges and universities.  Our education law attorneys provide guidance to public institutions on their responsibilities under the open meetings and open records laws, collective bargaining legislation, and teacher and administrator tenure law and statutes.  Our work with public schools and colleges frequently requires an analysis of constitutional law principals unique to public education institutions.  We assist both private and public schools with teacher licensing and assignment questions, student discipline, employee policies and practices, and Department of Education regulation matters. 

Whether a k-12 school district, a community college, or a private or public university, many an educational institution is the largest employer and business in its community.   Consequently, our firm’s work with educational institutions also encompasses the typical business issues confronting any large organization, including purchasing contracts, real estate acquisitions and sales, construction law assistance and litigation.

For more information about the firm’s experience with and services for schools and universities, please contact Jeff Krausman.