Municipal Law


As a premier Des Moines law firm, Dickinson Law is here to help ensure government accountability. As a general practice law firm, Dickinson Law maintains a multidisciplinary team of attorneys to ensure the transparency of all government entities. If you are a government member looking for policy advice, our team of municipal attorneys has the knowledge and expertise to assist you.

A Teamwork Approach to Your Municipal Legal Issues

Our roster of expert municipal lawyers works in conjunction with other legal divisions of the firm to handle the most complex legal issues. Attorneys from divisions such as environmental law, real estate law, and employment and labor law often assist with our municipal cases. This teamwork approach allows us to offer expert legal advice to departments across Federal, state, and local governments on a wide variety of municipal matters. 

Dickinson Law has an extensive track record of handling high-profile cases for various government entities of all sizes, including municipal utilities, school districts, and other political subdivisions. Our municipal law firm’s lawyers have ensured government entities comply with transparency laws governing open records and meetings. When necessary, our litigation attorneys have successfully executed civil lawsuits to resolve matters of government transparency. Our attorneys can handle the most complex legal issues such as Iowa property tax assessment and municipal utilities. 

When you need a government litigation law firm, the municipal law team members of Dickinson Law are here to help you deal with any governmental entity. Our experienced attorneys have served on municipal boards and commissions, and understand the importance of accountability at all levels of government. Our work in this area of law includes:

  • All aspects of water utility law
  • 28E Agreements
  • Economic development laws 
  • Property tax assessments
  • Compliance with open records and open meetings
  • Municipal litigation

 Dickinson Law understands the basic need for accountability and transparency from agencies on every level. Have A municipal legal issue and need legal assistance? Contact one of our attorneys below today for experienced, efficient municipal legal services.